April 2024

Shoreline Protection with SEAHIVE Technology

Severe erosion of the protective sand dune system results in periodic damage to the coastal highways and necessitates continued intervention to prevent pavement damage debris contaminating the beach. These coastal highways often serve as critical hurricane evacuation routes and a vital connection for local business and tourism. The most recent damage of Florida’s A1A came from Hurricane Nicole in 2022, resulted in undermining of several sections of the state highway which was not protected by a section of buried seawall installed nearby in 2019. Mitigating solutions have been under investigation since 2005, with an initial preferred alternative utilizing a secant-pile system for the most vulnerable 1-mile section which was completed in 2019. This presentation will highlight the potential enhancement of this and similar wall systems with the incorporation of SEAHIVE Technology being developed at the University of Miami.

Webinar 1:00 pm -2:00 pm CST, April 22, 2024

Shoreline Protection with SEAHIVE Technology

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